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Quincy Linder

As a highly skilled Sound Designer, I specialize in creating immersive audio experiences for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and video games.


Most recently, I worked at Meta Reality Labs, creating immersive soundscapes for products like Quest and Ray-Ban Meta, and prototypes for advanced AI technologies.

My previous roles include Sound Designer at Endless Clouds, where I designed audio for the web3 mobile MMORPG game, Treeverse, and Sound Design Intern at Respawn Entertainment, contributing to a Star Wars FPS game.


I have a Bachelor of Music in Electronic Production and Design from Berklee College of Music, with a minor in Video Game Sound Design.


Skilled in Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Unity, Unreal, Wwise, and Quest/Immersive Audio, I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of sound design in AR, VR, and video games.

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Game Audio Reel
Interaction Reel
Implementation Reel
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Creature Sound Redesign
Halo Sound Redesign
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